The glory of Gabriel Garcia Márquez

In march 2007 “100 years of solitude” was declared “in the name of all the Spanish-speaking countries” the most important book in their language since 400 years, when the “Don Quijote” by Cervantes was published. An event like in Cartagena/Colombia, headed by the king and the queen of Spain in front of several states presidents and 2000 guests including guest of surprise Bill Clinton, never was given to a writer in world history.

Docu 21 followed the tracks of “100 years of solitude”, a journey to the very first years of Marquez’ childhood and adolescence we found out that nothing, neither the most of the magic and supernatural occurrences were invented by the writer but autobiographic or part of the history of its family – and even Marquez itself is clairvoyant, as its biographer of many years, Gerald Martin, confirms.

A long interview with Gerald Martin and interviews with friends of its youth in stock.

Pre-mixed version. Broadcast in Austrian Television ORF 2 and 3Sat